Monday, July 27, 2009

Sex and Lucia

WATCH SEX AND LUCIA ( LUCIA Y EL SEXO) (2002) Romance/Drama/Sexy Online Free For You

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Sex and Lucia (2002)Romance/Drama/SexyWatch Sex and Lucía (Lucia y el Sexo) (2002)DescriptionSex and Lucia is definitely the best Julio Medem film so far. As it’s title suggests, it’s also the one that’s most saturated with sex. Medem has never been one to shy away from portraying sex and the naked form as an everyday occurrence, and with Sex and Lucia he throws caution to the wind and assaults us with and overload of explicit behaviour, that despite it’s visual focus on the screen, plays a definite second fiddle to the storyline – a storyline that for once is relatively easy to follow, and one that weaves it’s path wonderfully, intersecting the lives of many connected characters with surprising twists and turns that can’t help but bring a joyous smile to your face in its conclusion. Of course if you’re in the least bit weary of celluloid nudity, then this is one to definitely avoid. It also makes it difficult to review in the sense that many viewers may have trouble seeing past the full frontal assault and will miss out on the wonderful journey of love that is happening right before their eyes. Any ounce of prudishness – or even the opposite – will destroy your chance of connecting with the characters true identity. I really can’t say enough about this movie, the use of saturation, colour, everything about it shows just how far Medem has grown as a film maker, with my only complaint being the explicit nature of the film prevents me from recommending it to as many people as I would like. Throw any preconceptions aside, and take a cautious look at Sex and Lucia, focussing on the characters and their stories and you’ll discover a gem of Spanish filmmaking. Read Watch Sex and Lucía (2002) Movie Trailer

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